Dues and Donations for 2015 Accepted Now

Please pay dues at this time for the current year.

Thank you to those who paid dues for the 2015 year:

Victor Atkins

Mary Burnham

John Cataldo

Bob Colt

Roger Elton

Alan Gauld

Alan Hall

Adam Hosmer-Henner 

Ed Jones

Veronica Kaufman

Barbara Keck

Brad Lee

Jacqueline Leppla

Burnham Moffat

Alan Moloff

Thomas Najarian

H. Michael Noh

Magali Rivera

Charlie Shepard

Ray Sidney

Paula Anne Smith Dermody

Matthew Stein

Mark Sullivan

Elizabeth Tenney

Ernie Wu 

Charlene Ying

Hedy Yuen

Stuart Yount 

Additional Individual Donors

In addition to our corporate donors, we welcome individual donors, regardless of school affiliation.  This year, we have:

Mary Alber


There are two ways to pay annual dues at this time:
  1. Bring $45 cash or a check (payable to the Harvard Club of Northern Nevada and the Sierra) to the April 9 alumni cocktail event.
  2. Mail a check to:
The Harvard Club of Northern Nevada and the Sierra
Attn: Mark Sullivan
PO Box 17837
Reno, NV  89511

While dues are not tax deductible, donations above your dues are tax deductible since our application for non-profit status is approved.  Donations of any amount will be gratefully accepted.

We continue to seek one additional donor ($500) to support our charitable mission.  Donors are displayed in the fader in the upper right of our home page. 

Thank you for supporting our club!