Our Mission...


The Harvard Club of Northern Nevada and the Sierra is formed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes with the following goals:

  1. Foster a spirit of fraternity among graduates, former students, and current students of Harvard University
  2. Extend knowledge of the aims and achievements of Harvard University to alumni in this region
  3. Promote interest among all alumni in the academic and extracuricular activities of Harvard
  4. Continue intellectual development of Harvard alumni through Harvard Speakers Bureau presentations and other Ivy League speaker events
  5. Communicate area alumni views to the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA)
  6. Represent the University's interests in the region
  7. Work with the HAA to strengthen the club and Harvard's broader alumni network
  8. Promote and encourage communication between Harvard University and its alumni in this area
  9. Encourage outstanding young men and women to apply to Harvard via:

    - Awarding Harvard prize books annually to exceptional students in the next-to-graduating class of high school
    - Conducting local interviews of Harvard College applicants