Harvard professor Andrew Berry presents evolution since Darwin

Professor Andrew Berry will discuss "What Darwin Didn't Know: Evolution since The Origin" on April 24, 2015.

Professor Andrew Berry will address interesting recent developments in genetics, including epigenetic discoveries, which are changing our views of the world, especially the old “nature v. nurture” debate.

Since 1859, when Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species, huge advances have occurred in the scope of our biological knowledge. Darwin could not have dreamed of the kind of high tech genome analysis that today is routine in academic biology labs. Has his thinking, then, been eclipsed by modern biology? The answer, rather remarkably, is No.

Modern discoveries - 150 years of biological progress since 1859 -- have reinforced and refined his ideas without seriously undermining them. This lecture will review some of the ways in which Darwin's theories have become richer and more complete as biology has progressed, and will conclude that the remarkable robustness of Darwin's theories stems in part from his laudably cautious and careful approach to science.

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Date:  Friday, April 24, 2015

Time:  5:30pm to 7:30pm, lecture followed by Q&A

Where:  Montreux Golf and Country Club,16475 Bordeaux Drive, Reno; Terrace room

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Cost (entry fee, snacks and no-host cocktails)
$10 per person for non-members
$5 per person for Harvard Club members with dues paid

Attendees who would like to have dinner (no-host) at Montreux following the presentation should contact Samatha Kobitz at 775-849-1090x114 to make a reservation.