Advanced Leadership Initiative

Harvard's Advanced Leadership Initiative is seeking a distinguished group of leaders for the 2016 Advanced Leadership Initiative.

This pioneering, interdisciplinary initiative was discussed at last September’s HAA Board of Directors meeting and featured in Harvard Magazine.

Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Fellowship provides the opportunity for accomplished leaders who want to move from their income-earning careers to a new life phase, going "from success to significance" by working on addressing some of the world’s most pressing needs, such as education, public health, economic development, gender equality, conflict resolution, environmental issues, or other ways to impact society. Please visit our video library, which provides a broad set of perspectives from our faculty and AL Fellows on this remarkable educational innovation.

  Distinctive features of the Advanced Leadership Fellowship include:

  •  Experience counts. AL Fellows are recognized top leaders in their field with at least 20-25 years of leadership accomplishments in any profession or sector wanting to make a big difference in the world as they move on to a new life phase.
  • Calendar year. AL Fellows join Harvard for a calendar year (January –December), with most of the formal on-campus program occurring in the first four months on campus, followed by considerable individual flexibility and project work for the rest of the year.
  • Emphasis on doing. The focus is on action -- to identify and make progress on a promising project with high social impact potential.
  • Core program plus access to all of Harvard. A rigorous core academic program, led by distinguished faculty from across the University, is augmented by the opportunity for course audits in most areas of Harvard. Fellows audit up to two courses/term (with faculty permission).
  • Partner option. A spouse or life partner can accompany the AL Fellow as a program participant.
  • Peer group. AL Fellows work closely together as a strong peer group and have opportunities to connect with undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.
  • Network membership. The AL community continues beyond the Fellowship year. Gatherings at Harvard or in a global city convene a growing community of like-minded colleagues focused on accelerating the impact of everyone’s projects.
  • Totally unique. The AL Fellowship is not a training or executive program; it offers many kinds of experiences, including the chance for Fellows to offer their wisdom to students. 

The Advanced Leadership Initiative is now accepting nominations for its 2016 Advanced Leadership Fellowship, which begins in January, 2016. Your nominations are valued and can be made here. Candidates interested in pursuing the 2016 AL Fellowship are asked to “Introduce Yourself” to submit their expression of interest. Our selection process for the 2016 AL Fellowship is now underway.