Big George Ventures

Big George Ventures, LLC is planning to partner with an eco-friendly developer to offer high-quality housing in Carson Valley. We have purchased a 100-acre plot in Douglas County, Nevada that's just south of Carson City and approximately 0.5 miles east of Route 395--specifically, our plot is bounded on the north by Topsy Ln and on the east by Center Dr--and we intend to build high-quality, eco-friendly, and cost-effective housing units on this excellent land.  
Big George Ventures realizes that no company exists in a vacuum, and that its future is linked to that of the surrounding community and the people who live and work and play in it. Big George Ventures has high hopes that it will be able to be a very positive force in the Carson Valley/Douglas County area. At the time of this writing, all Big George Ventures principals and employees live in Douglas County.  Visit: