unknown-1Chocolate Tasting with Wine: Ivy-Intercollegiate Gathering

We will be sampling chocolate truffles from Dorinda's, an award-winning local chocolatier.                                    

Explore 'behind-the-scenes' where all the magic happens while sipping wine, eating truffles, and learning why chocolate is such a temperamental, yet delicious art form! Enjoy the chocolate spectrum, and learn about Dorinda's chocolate family. All the chocolate is natural and handmade with fair trade ingredients of the best quality. 


Date: Thursday, July 28, 2022

Place: Dorinda's Headquarters, 300 S Wells Avenue, Suite 14, Reno, 775-432-2024

Price: $25 per person (discounted price)

RSVP: hcnnevada@gmail.com

Dorinda's is located on the back side of the building. There is a full parking lot that goes around the building. Payment is due at the door by credit card or cash. Please have exact change.