Waffles & War Storiesimages

Breakfast with a bit of talk; monthly meetings to share our experiences.

We are introducing a new series of monthly meetings that provide an opportunity to get to know members of our Harvard Club community more deeply over breakfast. Named "Waffles & War Stories," these meetings will take place on one Wednesday of the month from 8-9:30am at a breakfast restaurant in Reno. There will be plenty of time for general socializing and eating, but we will also invite one or two members of the Club to share their personal stories in greater detail with the group.

Our first Waffles & War Stories event will take place on the morning of Wednesday, Octobet 27 and will feature Jen Hutter with a presentation titled, "From Private Equity to Meditation: My Path to Living a More Present LIfe."



Please RVSP here if you would like to attend: hcnnevada@gmail.com


When: Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Where: Mimi's Cafe, 5090 Kietzke Ln, Reno, NV, 775-448-9882

Time: 8-9:30am


For the safety of all our members, we ask that you wear a mask regardless of  your vaccination status and only remove your mask when you are actively eating or drinking.