Northern Nevada Harvard Prize Book Award Scholarships

We need your help!


Each year the Harvard Club of Northern Nevada & the Sierra selects 4-6 local high school juniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement to receive the Harvard Prize Book Award.  These students demonstrate excellence both in the classroom and beyond, and many past winners have gone on to be admitted to Ivy-League colleges. In prior years, the award has not included a financial scholarship, but we’d like to change this for 2023.  We are hoping to raise a total of $2,500 in order to award five $500 scholarships to five Harvard Prize Book Award winners in 2023.  These scholarships can be used to pay for any college that the award recipients choose to attend.

If you would like to make a donation towards our 2023 Harvard Prize Book Award fund, 100% of that donation will go directly to student scholarships.  You may make a donation in any amount, including a Sponsoring Donation of $500 where you will be recognized as the sponsor for a specific student winner during the Harvard Prize Book Award Ceremony.  To make a donation, please click this link: Harvard Prize Book Award Fund.