AChina and the World, A Symposium



China’s global role is immeasurably important. Whether in renewable energy, global health, climate change, mega-infrastructure, electric vehicles, transnational security, the future of space exploration, or the world’s economic condition, China is pivotal.  Yet, how do societies across the international community think about China?  This symposium brings together twelve scholars who will offer contemporary views of China from Africa, Europe, Korea, Mongolia, Oceania, Panama, Russia, and the United States.  We will also hear about China’s view of the United States, and elsewhere.


This symposium is in remembrance of Harvard Professor Ezra Vogel, who delivered the keynote for the 2018 China Forum.  The event is jointly sponsored by the Harvard Club of Northern Nevada & the Sierra and the Department of History, the University of Nevada, Reno.


Date:  Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Time:  5:30pm-7pm

Location:  University of Nevada, Reno: Wells Fargo Auditorium

Cost:  $15 per person, or $10 per Harvard Club of Northern Nevada member (plus $1 processing fee per person)


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Presenters (in alphabetical order, Harvard alumni noted):


Mr. Bob Ching, Harvard AM, GSAS

Boston Consulting Group, Ezra Vogel's “A Way Forward”

Mr. Tem Maidar

Schwarzman Scholar, perspective from Mongolia

Prof. James McSpadden, Harvard PhD

UNR History Dept., perspective from Europe

Dean Greg Mosier

Dean, UNR College of Business

Prof. Niu Ke

Peking University, History Dept., Beijing, China, perspective from China

Prof. Gene Park, Harvard PhD 

UNR History Dept., perspective from Korea

Major Dustin Petersen 

Director, National Guard State Partnership Program, perspective from Tonga, Fiji & Samoa

Prof. Pu Xiaoyu 

UNR Political Science Dept., perception and misperception between the US and China

Prof. Hugh Shapiro, moderator, Harvard PhD

UNR History Dept., perspective from the 19th century

Prof. Charles Tshimanga-Kashima 

UNR History Dept., perspective from Africa

Prof. Barbara Walker 

UNR History Dept., perspective from Russia

Mr. Bryan Wong 

The International School of Panama, perspective from Panama


To RSVP, please click HERE


All-Ivy+ alumni are welcome.  Limited spaces available and limit three guests per alum.  Please RSVP as soon as possible with credit card payment due at time of reservation.  Cancellations after November 28, 2023 will not be refunded.